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Collecting Crystals, Currently Unavailable, update planned spring/summer 2015

Collecting Crystals BookWith updated crystal mine information, this book tells you the best places to collect quartz crystal and gives the tips, tools and techniques of how to collect crystal. It also shares the secrets of cleaning and preparing crystal for display. Discover the varietites of collectable crystal from one of the world's most important and accessible quartz-producing areas. Maps and travel guides make this text an invaluable guide for the beginning as well as the experienced collector. 100 black and white photographs and illustrations.
By Darcy and Mike Howard of

Paperback book: $16.95 This book is now out of print in paper copy.

CD of Collecting Crystals e-bookA CD version of Collecting Crystals is also available for reading on your computer. The photographs are in color, which is a really big help to show how the crystals look in the ground, how the crystals look before and after cleaning, and gives an overall better view of how lovely the quartz crystals really are. The maps of collecting sites are printable; other text is read only.
CD version: $12.00

Mineral, Fossil-Fuel, and Water Resources of ArkansasMineral, Fossil-Fuel, and Water Resources of Arkansas, 1997

Edited by J. M. Howard, G.W. Colton, and W.L. Prior, AGC Bull. 24 – If you want to know what has been mined in Arkansas, and where generally, then this is the definitive book for you to get your feet on the ground! Contains 26 figures, 2 tables, an Appendix, Glossary and selected references on each commodity. 115pp.

$14.00 Shipping weight 15 oz.

Molybdenum in Magnet Cove, ArkansasMolybdenum in Magnet Cove, Arkansas, 1948

By D.F. Holbrook, ARDC, Div. of Geology Bull. 12., table and 2 maps. Summary of the discovery and exploration of the Mo-Ti property at Magnet Cove. 12pp.

$5.00 Shipping weight 3 oz.


Quartz, Rectorite, and Cookeite from the Jeffrey Quarry, near North Little Rock, Pulaski County, ArkansasQuartz, Rectorite, and Cookeite from the Jeffrey Quarry, near North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, 1964

By H.D. Miser and C. Milton, AGC Bull. 21. Mineralogy and geology of this famous quartz collecting locality, written while it was still an active quarry.29 pp.

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Mercury District of Southwest ArkansasMercury District of Southwest Arkansas, 1976

By B.F. Clardy and W.V. Bush, AGC Info. Circ. 23, Index. The definitive site guide to all the mercury mines and prospects in southwest Arkansas. If you are tired of collecting quartz and want to hunt for cinnabar and related minerals, then you need this book! Covers 67 mines and prospects, 3 map plates, and 8 figures. 57pp

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Antimony District of Southwest ArkansasAntimony District of Southwest Arkansas, 1979

By J.M. Howard, AGC Info. Circ. 24, covers 23 mines and prospects, 3 figures, and large foldout colored geology map with mine and prospect locations. Something different to visit and collect in Arkansas…stibnite, jamesonite, and stibiconite, along with quartz with stibnite inclusions! Index and reference list. 29pp.

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