Rockhounding Arkansas

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Arts & Ideas Studio, 16001 Vimy Woods Road, Mabelvale, AR 72103, Phone 501-847-3823

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_____ # of copies Collecting Crystals CD for reading on your computer (color photos) $12.00. wt. 1 oz.

AGS Publications:
_____ # Mineral, Fossil-Fuel, and Water Resources of Arkansas $14.00. wt. 15 oz.
_____ # Molybdenum in Magnet Cove, Arkansas $5.00. wt. 3 oz.
_____ # Quartz, Rectorite, and Cookeite from the Jeffrey Quarry $5.00. wt. 3 oz.
_____ # Mercury District of Southwest Arkansas $7.00. wt. 11 oz.
_____ # Antimony District of Southwest Arkansas $7.00. wt. 10 oz.

If you are ordering more than a single item, please email us for the cost of shipping. Several of the smaller publications will fit in a flat rate priority mail envelope, but the Mineral, Fossil-Fuel, and Water Resources bulletin and the Mercury District Circular are too large to combine in a single flat rate mailer. All of the above materials will fit together in one box for $13.00 shipping. US delivery only.

$_______________ Amount for books

$_______________ Shipping (one flat rate envelope priority mail $6.45)

$_______________ Total amount - revised July 2016