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Ig Rx AR Vol 2 1890 Publication

MC 2016 Publication

PSS 2017 Publication

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Igneous Rocks Annual Report Vol. 2, 1890 Publication

It has long been my wish to be able to either reprint or somehow reproduce the original classic report on Magnet Cove by J. Francis Williams. This desire was spurred by Art Smith, Jr. It is contained within the Annual Report for 1890. Vol. 2 which is a larger publication on all the igneous rocks known then within Arkansas' state boundaries.

The Arkansas Geological Survey had previously downloaded a digital copy from Google Books. In the statement by Google, they infer that this publication is old enough not to be copyright protected. However, this publication was published by the Arkansas Geological Survey and therefore was never out of the public domain. The Google version did not include the important general location map for the igneous rocks, the Pulaski-Saline County Syenite Geologic Map, nor the Magnet Cove Geologic Map. The AGS was kind enough to scan those maps from one of their original copies for inclusion in this .pdf. Missing are 2 maps, one of Potash Sulphur Springs, and the Prairie Creek Kimberlite (now Lamproite).

This Magnet Cove work is a perfect historical accompaniment to Smith and Howard's work, which is also available as a .pdf from this web site.

As with the other .pdfs posted on RockhoundingAR.com, it is requested that this data is for personal use and since available for free on this web site, no financial gain is to be had by secondary parties.

Magnet Cove, AR 2016 Publication

Potash Sulphur Springs, AR 2017 Publication

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Proper reference to these publications are:
A.E. Smith, Jr. and J. M. Howard, 2016, Magnet Cove, Hot Spring County, Arkansas: Collector and Professional Observations, Stories, and Photographs of Minerals from This Classic Mineral Collecting Locality. E-publication, rockhoundingAR.com, 149p.

Howard, J. M., 2017, Potash Sulphur Springs Wilson Springs Vanadium Mines, Garland County, Arkansas – A Collecting Update, Minerals, and a Photogallery, E-publication, rockhoundingAR.com, 24p.

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